Multi-City Equity Summit

Posted by Lora de la Cruz on 10/25/2019

Last Saturday, LOSD hosted the first Multi-City Equity Summit at Lake Oswego High School. It was heartening to see many community members from across neighboring cities come together to learn and grow in the realm of equity. Civic leaders, law enforcement, fire fighters, elected officials, educators and district leaders spent the day engaged in learning about bias awareness, inclusivity, self-reflection, racism, intersectionality and more.

As I reflect on not only this day, but also on the path ahead, I know that we have exciting work to do as we continue to cultivate environments that are welcoming and honoring of all members of our communities. Afterall, equity, at its core, is rooted in relationships. Inclusion is rooted in a willingness to hear and accept multiple perspectives, and to develop relationships with people who are different than us. All of our lives can be enhanced by engaging in authentic experiences of learning about each others experiences, culture, abilities, race, ethnicity, and identity. When we build communities in which everyone feels they belong, we all win.