Safety and Surveys

Posted by Lora de la Cruz on 10/18/2019

The safety of students is our top priority and we are continuing to enhance safety features throughout our schools and community. As an update to the unfortunate accident at the crosswalk on Country Club Road last week, I am providing you with information regarding some steps we have taken in partnership with the City to make this crosswalk safer.


I met this week with a City of Lake Oswego Traffic Engineer, as well as Traffic Lieutenant Clayton Simon, who oversees the Police Department’s Traffic Division. We discussed options to enhance safety. The City has committed to repaint the crosswalk with reflective paint to increase visibility, adjust the timing on the crosswalk and traffic signal to delay crossing after cars have stopped, and enhance signage visibility where needed. Police will continue their presence level to actively monitor the area.


Many factors complicate safety matters. The City will continue to monitor the areas outside of our schools for safety and potential enhancements. We all are reminded to be extra cautious when driving on and crossing our streets, especially near our schools.


Also, I want to acknowledge that we are asking you to participate in several surveys and engagement forums this fall. Many of you recently completed the first Student Success Act survey designed by the state. Thank you! Next up are two very short LOSD surveys: one is seeking input from parents and guardians about elementary school boundaries and one is seeking feedback from parents and guardians, as well as teachers, staff, and middle and high school students, about social and emotional learning needs. Both surveys are coming to you next week. I appreciate your continued engagement as we embark on key initiatives shaping the current and future experiences of our students - we greatly value your input.