The New Adventure Has Begun

Posted by Lora de la Cruz on 7/1/2019 11:12:00 AM

I am delighted to begin sharing my educational leadership lens with you here in my first LOSD blog. It has been wonderful to settle into our home here in Lake Oswego, to become part of this beautiful community. I have continued listening and learning from students, teachers, classified staff, administrators, parents and community members. I am inspired by both the strong foundation here in LOSD, the talented and dedicated staff, and the exciting work ahead. In many ways, education is having a watershed moment right now. More than ever before, we are preparing our students to build a future that we cannot yet imagine. Innovation and a rapidly changing world is impacting teaching and learning. Preparing our students well means developing global competencies, including academics and activities, and the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to thrive in a diverse, interconnected world. 


What an exciting time in LOSD, with the bond projects and facilities enhancements, and the incredible supports afforded to us through the Learning Levy. Our students will greatly benefit from the additional mental health and social-emotional supports, the STEM innovations, additional reading and PE specialists, and safety and security supports. We are so fortunate to be able to fortify what we offer to students in these ways. 


We have an opportunity to empower students with exciting new learning that is engaging, efficient, and steeped in real life problem solving. This generation will be called upon to lead in their communities and across the nation and globe. So the future of our country, and the global community, is dependent on developing students who have strong leadership, collaborative, and analytical skills, in addition to the capacity to communicate effectively, think critically, and tap into their creativity to solve complex problems. 


It is an honor, an opportunity, and an obligation to prepare them well for this. I am inspired to provide leadership in Lake Oswego as we continue to build high-quality, inclusive, and empowering educational opportunities so that each and every student can build their future well!