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Lake Oswego School Board Completes Superintendent Evaluation - June 20, 2023

The Lake Oswego School Board announced it completed the annual evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Schiele. The school board applauded Schiele for her work this past year in progressing strategic academic and operational initiatives and establishing meaningful connections with students, staff, families, and community leaders for the successful management and significant accomplishments of the Lake Oswego School District. 

"There is no better person than Dr. Jennifer Schiele to lead the Lake Oswego School District now. We are truly grateful for her commitment, leadership, and unwavering focus on continuously improving students' growth, development, and achievement," said Vice Board Chair Brian Bills, who led the superintendent evaluation process on behalf of the school board. "We fully support the superintendent and are eager to continue working with Dr. Schiele in the coming year."

The evaluation process included multiple reports to the board by the superintendent on progress toward meeting the goals and standards agreed upon in July 2022. The process also incorporated the superintendent's self-evaluation to the board. 

Individual board members rated the superintendent on each standard and goal to achieve a consensus rating. For all eight standards, the school board gave Schiele ratings that maintained or exceeded the ratings of her last evaluation. The school board rated Schiele "Accomplished" for the standards: "Ethics and Professional Norms," "Effective Organizational and Financial Management," and "Policy, Governance, and Advocacy." On the other five standards, the board rated Schiele "Effective."

Superintendent evaluations are conducted annually by the Lake Oswego School Board. Schiele was appointed superintendent for LOSD in July 2021 with a three-year contract. 

About LOSD

Lake Oswego School District is the top large K-12 comprehensive public school district in Oregon, with a learning community dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and educational excellence. LOSD has been rated the best school district in Oregon, and among the top in America, for decades. The LOSD learning community comprises approximately 6,800 students and their families served by appropriately 850 educators and staff members in 11 schools. LOSD is a suburban district about ten miles south of Portland, Oregon. Lake Oswego is recognized for its natural beauty, sense of community, and excellent schools.