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Jennifer Schiele, Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Jennifer Schiele
Assistant Superintendent, Lake Oswego School District


Passion is an important ingredient in the successful management of schools and districts. It is what keeps administrators and teachers going when they have had two weeks’ worth of 14-hour days. It is what keeps them focused on both the process and the outcome because they know how important the journey is for our students.


For Dr. Jennifer Schiele, teaching, learning, and mentoring others have always been important motivators for her. “I have had amazing teachers throughout my schooling who had a positive impact on my decision to pursue a career in education. Establishing and cultivating relationships with school community members has been important to me throughout my career.”


Her passion for cultivating relationships is a hallmark of her work at Lakeridge High School. For the past six years, Schiele has led a team that has improved the graduation rate from 88% to 95%. Teamwork is at the center of this important accomplishment as is articulating a vision of success that students, teachers, and parents can all work toward.


“As principal of Lakeridge, Dr. Schiele has been a very effective, supportive, and thoughtful leader for both the staff and students,” said Lauren Hughes, former Lake Oswego City Councilor, current parent, and frequent volunteer. “She is always accessible and has created a positive atmosphere that, while academically challenging, is also emotionally supportive and inclusive. She shows interest in all student activities and models kindness, compassion, and empathy for others.”


Her compassionate nature is front and center in her leadership style as the chief academic leader of a school and in her support of families.


According to School Board member Bob Barman, Schiele has a long history of supporting families as well as students. “We all remember the horror of the 2008-2009 financial meltdown when many of our neighbors were losing jobs and running into very difficult financial situations. Dr. Schiele rallied the parent community to raise the largest amount of private donations at the time to help pay for food and heat for those in need at Thanksgiving,” said Barman. “She was well aware of the need as a principal, but what I remember is her willingness to deliver gifts cards, food, and money for heat in her car during the winter snowstorm. Dr. Schiele believes in the dignity of every student and I love that characteristic in her,” said Barman.


Schiele’s promotion to assistant superintendent is an opportunity for this seasoned school administrator to bring her knowledge and student-centered focus into the central office strategic planning process. She will also have a larger leadership role by shepherding a wide variety of initiatives including 1 to 1 technology in the lower grades, social-emotional learning initiatives, and the continued focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in every school.


“I am thankful that I have the opportunity to work with Dr. Musick on ensuring the district's strategic plan is a key focus for the entire Lake Oswego Community and I look forward to working closely with all school community members to provide our students the best educational opportunities and guidance so they reach their fullest potential and attain success in all facets of their life,” said Schiele.


“Dr. Schiele has worked side by side with several fellow Principals including Rollin Dickinson and Alix Pickett and that experience and those relationships will be incredible,” said Barman. “She will make an excellent leader on a bigger scale.”


Schiele has been principal of Lakeridge High School since 2012. She joined the district in 2003 as a Waluga Junior High School counselor. She was promoted to vice principal at Waluga the following year. In 2005, she moved to the assistant principal position at Lakeridge High School before going back to Waluga as principal from 2008-2011. Before joining LOSD, Schiele was a school guidance counselor for Ladue School District in Ladue, Missouri for two years. She began her career as a guidance counselor and math teacher for the Kansas City School district in 1997.


In 2009, she received her doctorate in Education Leadership & Administration from Lewis & Clark College. In addition, Schiele holds a master’s of science degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kansas, and a bachelor of science degree in Education from Iowa State University.

Schiele lives in West Linn with her husband Scott, their two children Flynn and Brooklyn, and their two basset hounds. She enjoys spending time with her family and golfing or playing tennis with friends.