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Frank Luzaich, Executive Director of Elementary Programs

Frank Luzaich
Executive Director of Elementary Programs


“My core identity is an elementary teacher and principal. K-5 is in my DNA,” said Frank Luzaich. “I am excited to support six elementary principals and their students’ success. I have to wear a dozen hats to serve the needs of 2,900 elementary students here in LO, their school communities, and the programs and systems that support their success. I love this challenge.”


On July 1, 2018, Luzaich became Executive Director of Elementary Programs for Lake Oswego School District. He began his career as a 5th grade teacher in Sherwood, Oregon, where he taught for 12 years. He then moved into a leadership role at Edy Ridge Elementary in Sherwood. For the past three years he was the principal at Molalla Elementary School in Molalla River School District.


Luzaich is very proud of the work he has done in Molalla River District to lead the numerous academic growth initiatives at his school. “Our Response to Intervention work, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and our purposeful hiring of culturally diverse teachers have all played a role in improving our students’ performance,” said Luzaich. “It has been an honor to serve our students and their families in creating an even more inclusive and welcoming environment.


According to his former colleagues, Luzaich is a transformational leader. Marybeth Roberts, a teacher at Molalla Elementary School says, “I have worked with Frank closely on our Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports team over the last three years. Frank has transformed our team/school into better systems; given teacher's support with challenging behaviors; and restored a lot of people's hope and love for teaching. When Frank arrived, morale was breaking down, turnover was taking place at a higher rate then typical, and burnout coupled with a loss for the love of teaching was taking place at our school. Frank brought a positive, “can do” attitude and belief in ALL staff and students to excel and that has transformed morale and improved our scores. I call Frank "yoda" and "people whisperer" because of his wisdom and his ability to adapt. Because of him, our school and district are more functional, there is hope and positivity, a higher retention rate of staff, and restored trust overall.”


“Frank Luzaich is a coach in every sense of the word,” said Kathleen French, Molalla River District’s director of teaching and learning. “I know this to be true, not because of the stories he tells about his days of coaching girls basketball and finding great success, but because I have watched as his expertise slowly revealed itself in a multitude of situations related to our work as leaders in education.


“I have seen him weave his expert skills as he works with individuals he believes hold potential to perform and achieve at high levels in their work. In several conversations as an elementary administrative team, he has asked us to reflect on the importance of keeping in mind the heart and soul of each teacher. He often reminds us of the "full plates" teachers have – not to discourage us from pushing forward – but to consider how we can help them achieve their goals. Frank asks us to consider what will give students an optimal learning experience and what distractions can be eliminated for our teachers.”


“Frank is committed to this work’” said French. “I have heard a few of his staff members comment on our work around improving literacy instruction. "There is something about him that makes you want to do better. He is inspiring," they say.  Like any great coach who inspires people, his team doesn't want to let him down.”


He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education from George Fox University and a Bachelor of Science in History from Portland State University.


Luzaich met his wife Samantha in high school. They live in Sherwood and have two daughters, Ellen and Abby. You may find him coaching students on the basketball court, if he has the time.