Communications and Community Relations

Communications and Community Relations Strategic Plan

Communications & Community Relations

  • Priority: LOSD proactively seeks input from all stakeholders, disseminates relevant and timely information to the community, and encourages public comment and feedback. The district is charged with developing a comprehensive and robust communication strategy that utilizes a multitude of modern communication channels in the form best suited to each stakeholder.

    Background: Developing and nurturing authentic relationships with the district’s wide array of stakeholders is the ultimate goal of the board’s and district’s community relations efforts. The district’s communications program will ensure that community members are reached with timely and relevant information about the bond process, district education programs, curricula, and outcomes, and crisis issues when necessary. Active listening is the cornerstone of the district’s community relations strategy.

    Board Metrics:

    1. The board will study and determine the viability of having student member(s) on the board by developing a clear process for his/her role, selection, and tenure on the school board.

    2. Board members will actively engage SAC, PTA/PTO and other parent organizations to ensure a continuous feedback loop by attending monthly parent meetings and special events initiated by the district or board, such as forums, town hall meetings, and walk and talk events.

    3. Board members will assess the needs of the SAC, PTA/PTO and other parent organizations annually in order to determine how best to support their efforts to ensure effective communication across the district.

Ends 4: Communications & Community Relations

    1. Every parent is welcomed, valued, and engaged in their student’s education.
    2. Every parent is supported in their role and embraced and honored for their expertise.
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