College and Career Success Strategic Plan

College & Career Success

  • Priority: LOSD provides rigorous and broad academic, performing and visual arts, athletic programs, and activities programs at every grade level by meeting the educational needs of all students through multiple pathways with appropriate support and differentiated instruction. Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through graduation, every student is given the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and attain success in all facets of their life.

    Background: A rigorous and broad educational experience includes using the most appropriate technology available; providing internship and apprenticeship learning experiences; and delivering accelerated learning opportunities with support systems available to all students. Early enrichment experiences are foundational for the future graduation and academic achievement targets.

    Board Metrics:
    Support the superintendent through clear communication, advocacy and strategic planning to ensure superintendent can lead staff in:

    1. Academic success

    1. Achieving a 100% 6-year graduation rate by June 2020 based on early education initiatives that provide enrichment experiences.
    2. Expecting 90% of high school students take one or more college level or advanced placement courses by the time they graduate.

    2. Athletic success

    1. Ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic or club sports using comparable facilities and equipment across the district.

    3. Performing and Visual Arts success

    1. Providing facilities, instruction and performance opportunities for all students.

    4. Career success

    1. Establishing defined outcomes for strategic college and career capabilities, and comprehensive roadmaps and timelines to achieve those outcomes in the area of STEM, Career Technical Education, and World Language.


Ends 2: College & Career Success

    1. LOSD provides rigorous and broad academic, performing and visual arts, and athletic programs which prepare all students for success in all facets of life.

    2. LOSD provides multiple learning pathways so every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential -- students with opportunity or achievement gaps will receive the appropriate supports, differentiated as necessary, to ensure we meet the educational needs of all students.
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