Website Accessible Version of Parent/Student Handbook

  • Welcome to Our Lake Oswego Elementary Schools

    “To be an inclusive and safe learning community with challenging opportunities that develop lifelong learners and contributing world citizens.”

    The Lake Oswego schools are committed to providing a quality education that prepares all students for a successful future. Our goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment at all of our schools as we work to support continued student growth and success

    This handbook is created to provide you with important information about our elementary schools and operations. We also invite you to visit our individual school and district websites for more in depth information on topics such as, events specific to your home school, Community School Offerings, Extended Care, School Board meetings and Policies, and District Calendar.

    I speak on behalf of all of our schools and School Board in expressing our appreciation for the opportunity to work with you and your children. We firmly believe that student growth and learning is supported through positive interaction and communication between our schools and parent communities.

    Lake Oswego Elementary Schools

    Link to Lake Oswego School District website

    Elementary School Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

    Full-Day Kindergarten through Fifth Grade school hours:

    • 8:20 a.m. first bell
    • 8:30 a.m. tardy bell
    • 2:50 a.m. dismissal
    • Early Release Thursdays 2:10 p.m.

    For early release dates, holiday in-service and teacher planning dates, please refer to the district calendar or your elementary school calendar posted on your school’s website. For information regarding individual elementary school attendance boundaries can be found our district website or call Central Office at 503-534-2000 for assistance.

    Elementary Principals


    Forest Hills - Amy Blakey
    Hallinan - Alix Pickett
    Lake Grove - Scott Schinderle
    Oak Creek - Lilian Sarlos
    River Grove - Dan Draper
    Westridge - Kari Montgomery


    Extended Day Program

    Office and program are located at Uplands Elementary Director: Mellissa Griffiths
    2055 SW Wembley Park Rd, Lake Oswego, 97034 503-534-2125

    Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m and 3:00 to 6:30 p.m.

    Lake Oswego School Board

    The Lake Oswego School Board is the elected governing body of our school district. Its five members serve a four-year term.

    John Wallin, Chair 593-750-2770
    Liz Hartman 503-697-7727
    Bob Barman 503-635-2381
    Sara Pocklington 503-673-3980
    Rob Wagner 503-305-8158


    Councils and Committees

    School Advisory Committee / SITE Council

    These committees are established in each school to facilitate communication among the school, its community and the School Board. The committees meet with the principal on a regular basis to provide input, ask for clarification, and provide representation from the parent community, school and community at large on decisions that affect the education of students, district facilities and other topics at the district and school level. School Advisory Committee information can be found on our website. SAC members are appointed by the School Board to serve a two-year term.

    Special Services Parent Advisory Committee

    The Special Services Parent Advisory Committee meets once a month with Patrick Tomblin, Executive Director of Special Services, 503-534-2360. For more information on the committee, visit the Special Education and Special Services section on the Lake Oswego School District website.

    Talented and Gifted Program Advisory Committee

    The Talented and Gifted Program Advisory Committee (TAG) meets once every other month. Joe Morelock, 503-534-2368, is the district program manager. For more information on the TAG program, visit the TAG section on the Lake Oswego School District website.

    Parent Teacher Organizations

    These energetic organizations (PTA’s/PTO’s/PTSO’s) are responsible for a wide variety of accomplishments in each of our schools. They sponsor numerous curriculum enrichment activities, in each of our schools, including our ongoing Art Literacy Program. In order to maintain this level of support, buildings encourage a large and active membership. Parents are encouraged to be involved in this organization and meeting dates are determined and posted in all of our schools in advance of the first day of school.


    General School Information


    Emergency Information

    In an emergency, the school must have information that will enable us to promptly and directly contact parents. For this reason, emergency data is maintained in the school office. If, at any time during the year, there is a change in any telephone number, address, list of persons authorized to pick up your child, or person to call in an emergency, please update this information by contacting the school office with the new information immediately.

    School Closures

    On occasion, schools may need to be closed due to inclement weather, prolonged power outages, or other unexpected situations that arise. The district Superintendent and Transportation Services make the decision to close school in weather related situations. The decision is not made at the local school. For information on school closures, LOSD uses Twitter as an emergency communications channel so parents can receive communications online and as text messages on their cell phones. To receive this information, please follow Twitter help article on the LOSD website. The District also uses FlashAlert newswire to distribute emergency information and news releases to news media outlets, including local TV and radio stations. If no information is reported by media or on the District’s FlashAlert page, it means that schools will open on time. Please do not call individual schools for closure information.

    *If the district closes schools, all programs are also cancelled.

    School Closure While School is in Session

    In the event of a school closure or evacuation, students are only released to parents, legal guardians, or persons listed on your students’ enrollment card or specifically stated in your plan. A picture ID may be required if the person is not known to office staff and parents may be called should there be any question of verification of identify and permission to release a child. While each situation is different, we will adhere to our emergency management plan guidelines to insure the safety of students and staff.

    Newsletters / Blogs / Twitter / Website/Lake Oswego Schools App

    Each school provides information to parents that is communicated by school newsletter, blog, Twitter, school website, or Lake Oswego Schools app. Important information such as messages from Parent Organizations and updates to school events, calendars, and activities will be sent through these channels. The school district app can be downloaded to your Smart device for up to the minute news for any school in the district. Type in Lake Oswego Schools in the App Store search field to download on your device and select which school(s) you would like to follow. Please contact your school office to inquire about receiving a paper copy of your school newsletter and information should it be needed.

    Attending School



    Regular attendance is very important to maintain a consistent learning environment for our children. We ask that parents call the school office to report all absences and late arrivals each day. If you have prior knowledge of absences, please inform the school office or teacher. If the office does not hear from an absent child’s parent, we will call to assure that the child is home.

    If a student has been absent without illness or is unexcused more than four days in a month, it is viewed as excessive absences. Excessive absences or tardies may affect a child’s success at school. The importance of regular daily attendance as a basis for academic achievement cannot be over emphasized. The regular contact of students with one another in the classroom and their participation in well-planned instructional activities are vital to the learning process. If a problem exists that may cause your student to have excessive absences or tardies, please discuss the matter with your school principal. Our schools maintain positive attendance expectations for all students and are always willing to discuss difficult situations that may be impacting student attendance.

    Tardy: Students who are tardy on a regular basis are missing the first instructions of the school day and late arrival also may be disruptive to the class with students entering after instruction is underway. Please make every effort to have your children arrive at school on time. The first bell rings at 8:20 a.m. Students are tardy if they are not in the classroom at 8:30 a.m., when the school day begins. Students must “check-in” with the office when they arrive late. The teacher and/or the principal may contact parents concerning a student’s absences or late arrivals in an attempt to problem-solve this situation and get students to school on time.


    1. Children should proceed directly to and from school unless special arrangements have been made by their families for participation in after-school classes, etc.

    2. Students should not arrive at school prior to 8:15 AM on school days.

    3. Schools provide adult supervision beginning at 8:15 AM

    4. Students need to be picked up immediately following dismissal time if they are not walking home, riding the bus, attending a Community School Program or a pre-arranged after school activity. Schools provide adult supervision outside until all buses are loaded to ensure students have departed safely. Brothers and sisters designated to meet their elementary siblings after school should meet at a predetermined spot outside the school at the end of the day rather than waiting inside the building. High School and Middle School students are expected to remain off all other school grounds until after dismissal time.

    5. Please hold to a minimum the change of plans for your children at the end of the school day. It is extremely difficult for office staff at the end of the school day to take messages that must be transmitted to the teacher and child regarding changes in after

    school plans. Our schools cannot guarantee that last minute messages can be delivered in a timely manner. Your student’s well-being is foremost in our minds just as it is in yours. For this reason, we are requesting 24 hour notice from families who find it necessary to change end-of-day plan notifications. While we realize that emergencies do arise that could necessitate contact at the end of the day, we would expect these to be exceptions and not the norm. Thank you!

    *Please consult your child’s school for specific policies around change of “go home” plans.


    All students have a recess either before or immediately after their lunch. Students are expected to go outdoors to the playground and should dress appropriately. In the case of extreme cold, rain, or snow, students may remain indoors for their recess. On rare occasions, parents request that their child be kept indoors for recess. This request should be made in writing to the teacher. The child will stay in a place where there is adult supervision. We do encourage all students to participate in this daily opportunity to socialize with friends and enjoy physical exercise.

    Kindergarten Admission

    Students must be age 5 on or before September 1st of the enrollment year, or may be admitted under specified Early Admission procedures with a birthday falling between September 2-15 of the enrollment year. For more information, please review information available on the District website or contact your school.

    Check-in Procedure

    All adults, parents, and volunteers are required to check in at the school site front office prior to moving throughout the building. Schools appreciate your support in wearing a volunteer or visitor badge to help us keep our students safe.

    Check-out Procedure

    Children will never be sent home during school hours until the office has first contacted the parents/guardians, or prior arrangements have been made by the parents in communication with the school office, principal or teacher. If your child has an appointment and must leave school early, please be sure to check out your child in the main office. You will be asked to either use a computer installed specifically for this purpose, or a paper and pencil system will be available for this purpose. For safety purposes, it is important that you always sign out your child in the office prior to your child leaving the building while school is in session. If your child returns while school is still in session, please sign in your child again to ensure that the school has a record of your child’s return.


    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled each semester. Parents are expected to use this time to meet with their teachers during the fall conference window, and again in the spring. This scheduled conference time provides a predictable opportunity to discuss your child’s social and academic growth, and conferences are placed approximately half-way between the beginning and end of each semester. This provides a perfect time to check in and discuss your child’s progress prior to the scheduled Progress Report Cards being mailed home twice during the year. We ask that you honor these scheduled times available to teachers for these meetings.

    Report Cards

    Report Cards will be mailed home in grades Kindergarten through 5 at the end of each semester (twice per year). Teachers also communicate students’ progress throughout the year through folders, notes, emails, phone calls, etc.


    The Student Rights and Responsibilities policy can be found on the district’s website. It is very important that parents/guardians read and review this information with their children. If you do not have access to the internet and would like to receive a copy of the code of conduct booklet, please contact the school office or your child’s homeroom teacher. Components of this booklet that will be discussed with students throughout the year are also included in this section.

    School specific discipline procedures and behavior expectations may be found on each school’s website.

    Student Rights and Responsibilities

    The Student Rights and Responsibilities policy preserves the rights of all students attending our schools and provides an instructional framework for teaching appropriate social behaviors. The following rights and responsibilities are granted to all students in an effort to promote a positive, caring atmosphere that encourages cooperation and good citizenship. Our goal is an environment that maximizes student growth and learning.

    All students have a right:

    • To learn in a supportive and safe environment
    • To have their feelings and. property respected
    • To have clean surroundings
    • To be free from physical and verbal abuse

    All students have a responsibility:

    • To respect and support the rights and feelings of others
    • To put forth their best effort
    • To help maintain a safe and clean environment
    • To respect school and other people's property
    • To follow directions courteously
    • To obey all school and district rules
    • To make choices that promote the positive well-being of themselves and others
    • To accept consequences for their own behavior
    • To use technology appropriately and only as instructed by your teacher or other adult in charge
    • To follow the rules regarding use of electronic devices, including cell phones on school grounds
    • To respect the rights and feelings of yourself and others
    • To respect the authority of adults and those who are in charge
    • To be responsible for your own behavior
    • To be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others


    Technology Use

    The use of any Lake Oswego School district computer equipment is a privilege and all users are expected to follow the established rules, the rules of use. Students will be held responsible should they be responsible for:

    • Damage, vandalism, or theft of equipment
    • Theft, piracy, or altering of software
    • Use of the system to transmit computer viruses
    • Access, communicating, or printing information which is deemed inappropriate in nature by school personnel
    • Plagiarism
    • Any conduct in violation of school rules, including cyberbullying

    Any student involved with inappropriate use of any computer equipment will be referred to the principal for disciplinary action.

    Cyberbullying, Hazing and other Inappropriate Behaviors

    Hazing, harassment, intimidation, bullying, menacing, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, domestic violence clearly define these prohibited behaviors in our Board policy. The process for lodging a complaint is delineated in the board policies.


    Dress Code

    School is a child’s place of business; therefore, children are asked to dress appropriately and in a manner that is not distracting to the wearer or to others. Suggestions for appropriate dress vary with the seasons as well as the grade level of the child. Elementary students need exercise daily, and as a general rule of thumb, clothing should provide for freedom of movement at school.

    Lake Oswego School Board Policy JFCA states, “Dress and grooming must not create health or safety problems for the student or others who attend or work in school.” Dress that is considered disruptive, inappropriate, distracting, or unsafe to the teaching/learning atmosphere will not be permitted. If worn, the student will be asked to correct the situation. He/she may need to call home for a change of clothing.

    The following are not allowed at our elementary schools:

    • Clothing, jewelry and accessories which advertise alcohol, drugs or tobacco and those with nudity or obscene or questionable language.
    • Clothing or accessories that signify or are recognized as an affiliation with a secret society or gang.
    • Wheelie shoes are not allowed in the building due to the wear on the floors.

    Please be advised that:

    • Shoes are to be worn at all times on school grounds.
    • Students should wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Students go outdoors for recess even in the winter months. 



    A list of basic school supplies is sent home with the registration packet and can be found on individual school websites. In addition to regular school supplies, all students are asked to have a pair of tennis shoes and to wear shorts or long pants for physical education classes. Periodically, you may receive information from your child’s teacher that supplies may need to be replenished or additional items may be needed for special activities or projects. Should this impose a hardship on any family, please contact your school principal.

    Instructional Equipment/Textbooks

    Students will have use of available textbooks and instructional materials. If textbooks, equipment or materials are lost, stolen or not returned in good condition, students will be assessed up to the full cost for replacement or repair of lost or damaged school-owned books, materials, equipment or other property in accordance with District procedures.

    Personal Possessions

    Students will assume responsibility for any items they bring to school. We have no way to safeguard items of real or personal value. The only time students should bring toys, games, sports and playground equipment, etc to school is when their teacher instructs them to do so (for show and tell or other established purposes). Cell phones are not to be used during school hours, including during recess. Cell phone usage includes sending and receiving calls or text messages and taking pictures.

    *Teachers are empowered to use their professional discretion in regard to their own classroom expectations around student personal possessions.

    Money Brought to School and Selling Items

    Students should not carry extra money to school. They should carry lunch money in a safe place on their person if needed. Students who bring money for field trips, parties, etc. should bring it in an envelope labeled with the child’s name, amount of money, your child’s teacher’s name and purpose of the money. Students are not allowed to sell items at school.

    School Pictures

    Individual student pictures are taken in the fall. It is important for all students to get their picture taken for emergency and identification purposes. If you wish to buy the photos, the picture purchase procedure is on a prepaid basis to be paid on the day the picture is taken. Specific information will be provided prior to Picture Day. Make up dates will also be advertised for those who are absent or wish to have a re-take.

    Field Trips

    These trips are scheduled to provide children with extended learning experiences. Students may be charged admission or transportation fees. However, many of these trips are sponsored by a school’s Parent Organization as enrichment activities. A permission slip signed by the parent is mandatory to participate. If payment is required and causes undue financial hardship to your family, please contact the teacher or principal.


    Assemblies and Programs

    Throughout the school year, theatrical and musical performances, science assemblies, author visits, and other programs are scheduled to provide children with cultural and educational experiences. These programs are usually provided during the school day by their PTA, PTO or PTSO.


    When the community is involved, we can do an even better job of providing a quality education for your children. A cooperative effort between school and home enhances your child’s educational experience. Children love to see their parents involved in their
    education. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to volunteer to help at school. Classroom parent volunteers are very important and welcome. In addition, volunteers are needed for PTA and School Advisory committees as well as Site Council. Throughout the year, many special program events and field trips come up which definitely need parent volunteers.

    Additionally, classroom teachers may need assistance from parents with copying materials, putting up artwork or bulletin boards for example. Your child’s teacher will let you know of his/her needs and provide volunteer opportunities as appropriate. We ask that all volunteers in classrooms follow strict guidelines regarding student confidentiality and check in procedures. You may not share information about any student other than your own outside the school environment.

    Adult Conflict Resolution

    We understand that conflicts may arise between adults during the school year. In the spirit of building community, we encourage all parties to communicate directly with those involved in a respectful, collaborative manner. If resolution cannot be reached, we encourage parties to refer to either the building administrator or LOSD’s complaint policy and procedure.

    Adult Use of Social Media

    Our expectations for adult social media use are the same as our students. Please refrain from bullying, harassment, and derogatory commentary about LOSD students, families, teachers, and administrators online or while using social media.

    As an additional resource SafeOregon is a new service from the Oregon State Police that provides an additional way for students, staff or other members of the public to anonymously report and share confidential information of a threat or a potential threat to student safety. Tips can be submitted 24/7/365 through the web portal, by e-mail to, through the SafeOregon mobile application (available for Android and iOS devices), or by calling or texting 844-472-3364.


    Classroom Celebrations

    Seasonal holidays or events which may be celebrated with parties vary from school to school. Classroom volunteers usually plan these events with the input of the classroom teacher. Information will be sent home in advance of such events.

    Please check with your child’s teacher for information on scheduled celebrations and guidelines around student birthdays including food restrictions or potential allergies.

    • We do permit distribution of invitations for private partes in our classrooms.
    • Children not enrolled at our elementary schools are not allowed to visit in classrooms.



    Student Placement

    We are always willing to receive input from parents regarding their children’s learning needs; however, we do not honor specific requests for teacher placement. A confidential parent input form is available to all families in the month of May. Placement in all classes will be made with the best interest of each child in mind. The placement teams strive to provide each child with an enriching and successful school experience. We balance class sizes by giving consideration to a variety of factors, including but not limited to, boy/girl ratios, school resource specialist recommendations and talented and gifted (TAG).

    Statewide Assessments

    Oregon has adopted the Smarter Balanced Assessment as their statewide test in grades 3-5 at the elementary level. Statewide Kindergarten assessments are given the first 3 days at the beginning of the school year on an appointment basis. All other grade levels are tested in late spring.

    Parents considering non-participation in state assessments should contact the building administrator.

    Kindergarten Assessment

    Kindergarten students will come to school on one of the first three days of school by appointment. During this time, the kindergarten teacher will get to meet your student individually and administer the state assessment while parents complete important paperwork. On day four, all students will attend school together on a regular school schedule. This time at the beginning of the year will allow our kindergarten teachers to complete the academic portion of the state assessments as mandated for all students and then allow them to begin instruction without interruption.



    The Library is an integral part of elementary school instructional programs. Children have the opportunity to utilize a variety of learning resources in addition to classroom instruction and textbooks. Students are encouraged to check out books for recreational and independent reading. Most may be taken home to use. Please help your child return the checked-out materials when they are
    due. Costs for replacing lost or repairing damaged books will be charged to the student.

    Please consult with your child’s school regarding policies and availability around e-books.

    Student Records

    Parents of students attending any of our schools may have access to records kept on their children. School personnel will assist parents in their analysis of the data contained within their child's records. Contact your child's teacher or the principal if you wish to review student records. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the school to complete your request.

    Music and Physical Education

    Students in Kindergarten through grade 5 are provided 30 minutes of instruction, by a specialist, two times a week in both music and physical education.

    Strings and Orchestra

    This fee-based program is available to students in grades 4-5 after school at an alternate location. Transportation is available. For more information, please visit LOSD Community School’s website.

    Spanish Immersion

    A kindergarten through grade 5 program is available, and is located at River Grove Elementary. Kindergarten is considered Entry Level and students are chosen through the lottery process; all kindergarten students that reside in the Lake Oswego School District are eligible for the lottery regardless of their resident school. The wait list is generated through the kindergarten lottery; students whose names are not drawn in the lottery are placed on the wait list in order of lottery name drawn. Wait lists carry over each year; students are contacted if/when space becomes available at any of the grade levels. There is currently only one class available at each grade level. For further information please contact Kelli Cranston at Central Office: 504-534-2490 or


    Talented and Gifted (TAG)

    A district TAG Coordinator consults with teachers and may provide instruction at each of our elementary schools. For more information on TAG services, please contact your school principal.


    Homework assignments might be given to make up work as a result of an excused absence or complete work that was not completed in class. Additionally, homework may be given to practice a skill being learned, to enrich or expand regular classroom work, or to establish independent study skills. Homework for students is not always in the form of specific assignments. For example, parents are asked to read with their elementary-age child for at least 20 minutes each day. Students in grades 3-5 should read 20 to 30 minutes independently on a daily basis.

    The following are examples you can promote in your home:

    • Student reads to self
    • Student reads to parent, sibling
    • Learn math facts
    • Practice counting
    • Practice handwriting
    • Parent reads to student
    • Read current events in newspaper
    • Study weekly spelling words
    • Measure objects
    • Write a letter or story
    • Put objects in alphabetical order
    • Put objects in categories

    *General homework guidelines should be no more than 30 minutes including home reading from K-2, and 60 minutes including home reading from grades 3-5. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have questions or concerns around your child’s homework.

    Student Progress

    The progress of students is measured and communicated in a variety of ways. Two important methods are standardized achievement testing and regular reporting periods (semester report cards and parent conference twice a year). Teachers are continually monitoring pupil progress with both formative and summative assessments, both informal and formal. Once a week elementary schools have early release days for teachers to meet school wide and collaboratively to discuss instruction, common assessments and review and analyze student data to help inform their day-to-day instruction and targeted interventions. If you have any concerns about your child, please contact his/her teacher. Communication is essential to a healthy and collaborative learning environment.


    Health and Safety


    The health of your child is important to all of us. Children who have definite signs of colds, elevated temperatures or other illnesses should not be sent to school. If a child becomes ill or injured at school, the child will be cared for temporarily and his parents will be notified. Medication can be administered at school, but strict regulations regarding all medications must be followed. All medications, both prescription and non-prescription including cough drops, must be administered through the office. A form titled Authorization for School Personnel to Administer Medications must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian.

    In some cases an elementary child may be permitted to administer their own medication with the consent of both doctor and parent. For additional information on rules regulating administration of medications at school, please visit the Lake Oswego School District website link, under District Nurse.

    Immunization Law

    Oregon law requires parents/guardians to have their children properly immunized and to provide their child’s school with accurate records. Any student that does not meet these requirements may face exclusion from school by order of Clackamas County Health Department. If you have any other questions you may contact your school office, or further information on immunizations and other common childhood diseases is also available from the District website link, District Nurse.

    Common Safety Rules

    • Caution children about contact with strangers.
    • Review the common rules of pedestrian safety:
      -Use sidewalks and crosswalks when available
      -Look both directions - then cross streets
    • Review the common rules for bicycle safety:
      -Do not ride double
      -Ride on the right with the flow of traffic
      -Use the standard arm signals when turning
      -Walk bicycles across heavily traveled streets
      -Ride only during daylight hours
    • Children should always get out of the car on the curb side of the vehicle.
    • Children's dogs should not accompany them to school. Strange animals should be avoided at all times. 
    • Each child should know the safest and most direct route to and from school. 

    *In order to assure everyone’s safety, please comply with your school’s traffic rules and obey all traffic laws.

    Use of Facilities

    The school grounds, including the playground, are closed to the public during regular school hours.


    All visitors must report to the office as they enter the building so the secretary or principal can assist them. They must also wear Visitor or Volunteer name tags at all times while in the building. This is for your well being as well as the safety of all of our students. While you may be in the building often, you may not be known to everyone. If you are not wearing an identification tag, you will likely be approached by someone asking if they can help you who will direct you back to the office for identification.

    The district encourages family members to visit schools for special programs and events; many parents also choose to visit during lunchtime. If you have made plans with your child’s teacher to visit and purchase a lunch, please notify the office early in the day or have your child notify the classroom teacher so our kitchen staff will have the proper number of lunches prepared. Student visitors are welcome to come to school during lunch times, but we ask that arrangements be made with the classroom teacher at least one day in advance to avoid conflicts or are arranged by a sign-up provided by your child’s teacher. Scheduled days for lunch visitation may vary by individual teacher.

    Parent visitations to observe in classrooms are not permitted, since they can be distracting for students and teachers. In order to eliminate unnecessary interruption to instruction, we also request that parents and other visitors leave messages, forgotten lunches, books, etc. in the school office for their child. In this way, the teacher is given the article or message at break times, rather than during classroom instruction. Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated. If you wish to speak with a staff member about your child's work or any other concern, please contact the teacher to arrange a convenient time that will not take away from instruction and will allow ample time for discussion. Teachers have many responsibilities both before and after school. An appointment may save you an extra trip!

    Please read Lake Oswego School Board Policies KK, KK-AR1 and KK-AR2 relating to visitors in our Schools.

    Animals at School

    At some schools parents may walk their dogs along with their students to school. We do ask that you respect the varied level of comfort our students and parents have with animals and refrain from bringing pets onto school grounds without prior approval.

    Smoking on School Premises

    It is the policy of the Lake Oswego School Board that all persons, including adults, shall be prohibited from using tobacco in all schools, on school grounds, at all District facilities and at all District-sponsored activities.


    Student Services

    Breakfast and Lunch Program

    A daily cold breakfast program may be available at your child’s school. All schools have a hot lunch program available for students. They may also purchase milk to drink with a sack lunch. Free and reduced meals are available by application at the school office. All students eat lunch in their homeroom and under the direction of a staff member.

    Meals may be purchased through the mySchoolBucks Meal Account System. Parents can deposit money in student accounts online via or by dropping off a check at the deposit box near each school office.

    If the cost of meals is a financial hardship for any family, they should contact the school for an Application for Free or Reduced Price School Lunch. You may access more information regarding the Food Service Program on the LOSD website.

    You may find a detailed information regarding food services on the LOSD website.

    Lost and Found

    Lost or unclaimed clothing and other articles are placed in the Lost and Found located in each of our elementary schools. The lost and found is generally emptied of unclaimed items three times a year – once during winter break, once during spring break, and in June prior to the last day of instruction. Children should have their belongings labeled for identification

    School Telephone


    The school telephone may be used only for urgent calls; the office staff or classroom teacher must grant permission. A call to ask permission to go home with a friend is not considered an emergency. Please have your child make playtime arrangements before coming to school. Students and parents are asked to plan ahead. We realize that there are unavoidable circumstances that may necessitate a student receiving or communicating a message during the school day. However, we appreciate your cooperation in keeping interruptions to an absolute minimum.




    Please check the District website for information on bus services for your child. The bus routes for the school year are published by the local newspaper prior to the opening of school and can also be found on the Lake Oswego School District website under the link, Bus Routes.

    The student conduct policies apply to all students on the bus as well as the bus stop, and to and from school. Students who consistently are unable to comply with the guidelines and safety procedures may be denied bus transportation. Students will receive instruction on these guidelines and procedures at specified times throughout the year (beginning of the school year, after winter break, after spring break).

    Bicycles, Skateboards, etc.

    The decision to permit a student to use a bike, a skateboard, Heelys (shoes with built in wheels), etc. and the duty to see that he/she complies with policy and basic safety rules relating to their use are the responsibilities of the student and his/her parents. The School District does not undertake any responsibility for the safety of students when they are not on school grounds. Parents are solely responsible for giving permission to their child to come to or leave school on bikes, skateboards, Heelys, etc. The School District does not undertake regulating this mode of transportation for students, but establishes rules regulating use on school property:

    1. Walk bicycles on the school grounds
    2. Park bicycles in the bike racks
    3. Carry skateboards on school grounds
    4. Store skateboards in assigned areas
    5. Take wheels out of shoes before entering the building and do not use them while in the school building or on school grounds


    Parking Lot

    Each of our schools has their own parking and traffic flow patterns for cars and for buses. Restricted areas are also well defined and procedures for drop off and pick up are communicated by each individual school. All schools ask that you not leave your vehicles unattended any place other than a designated parking space. Please be particularly aware of reserved spaces and those marked as Handicapped only. By following procedures outlined by your school, you will facilitate the timeliness of both car and bus drop off and pick up. If parents must drive, they are encouraged to carpool to diminish the amount of traffic before and after school. They are also encouraged to use the bus service available to them, again in an effort to help regulate traffic and congestion during peak drop off and pick up times.

    *In order to assure everyone’s safety, please comply with your school’s traffic rules and obey all traffic laws.

    Special Services for Students

    Lake Oswego Schools provide specialists who are trained to support student needs that may be necessary to ensure every students is successful in his/her environment. If a need for the services of the team of specialists is indicated, we will work with you to provide the most appropriate learning situation for your child. If you have questions about meeting the special needs of your child, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal.