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    Thank you for your time and active participation in the Pool Community Engagement meeting that was held this week.

    Given some core questions participants had, the school district and the city of Lake Oswego want to take a quick breath to make sure we are answering your questions thoughtfully and transparently.

    As a result, we are putting the online survey on hold for the moment. We will be back in touch soon with more information.

LOSD Pool Project

  • Background

    When the bond package was being developed in 2016, the School Board voted to include a $7 million dollar allocation to repair or replace the existing pool. Voters agreed with the Board’s strategy. The desire to have a larger pool to meet the needs of  students and community members, in addition to increasing construction costs, may require the financial participation of other groups and/or the use of the bond premium and/or other funding sources.

    The current determination by the School Board is that the pool should be placed at the Lakeridge Junior High site.

    The Superintendent formed a pool task force in the fall of 2018 to work with the community to examine options and create alternatives for consideration.  The pool task force engaged multiple stakeholders that include representatives from various user groups including swim club members and community members.

    Conversations with the Lake Oswego City Council regarding a potential partnership have occurred; a small working team including city and school district staff is exploring preliminary ideas and projections in order to shape recommendations.

    Please see the news links below for the most recent updates. 

Pool Project Developments