• Elementary hybrid in-person bus routes are under the "Bus Routes" tile below.

    Bus routes are developed based on students who are registered to take the bus to and/or from school each day. To keep consistent cohorts on the buses, students need to ride their registered routes.

    Each route allows for registered riders to have necessary distancing on the bus. All bus drivers and riders are required to wear face coverings. Bus drivers will be conducting visual health screenings as they welcome each rider onto the bus, and if a student appears ill they will have a seat next to the driver. The driver will contact the front office for further health assessment upon arrival at school.

    It's possible bus routes may be adjusted as the transition to hybrid in-person gets underway. If you have questions, please contact your school secretary.

    For more information and/or if you need to register your student for bus transportation, please call the Transportation office at 503-387-5078 and have your student’s  ID# available

Student Transportation of America – 503.387.5078

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