Strategic Initiatives

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    Mission: We are a learning community dedicated to creating a culture of belonging and educational excellence.
    Vision: We inspire students to be critical thinkers who are empowered to contribute positively in a complex world.
    Values: Inclusivity, Equity, Growth, Shared Leadership, Whole Child.

    Culture of belonging icon Create a Culture of Belonging

    Cultivate a diverse learning community where each and every individual feels supported, connected and valued. Evidence of Success: Students, employees and families feel a sense of belonging.

    Equitable academic outcomes Achieve Equitable Academic Outcomes

    Each and every student is provided with the tools, support and experience they need to achieve academic success. Evidence of Success: Students demonstrate grade level proficiency.

    Health and Resiliency icon Promote Health and Resiliency

    Address the needs of the whole child in a culture that models and values health and wellbeing. Evidence of Success: Support the social, mental and physical health of students and employees.

    Sustainability Teach and Practice Sustainability

    Preserve and sustain our shared resources while accelerating our students’ ability to combat climate change. Evidence of Success: Create stewards of our shared resources.

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  • Equity Lens
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