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  • Academic Enrichment, 2020-2021

    Over the last three years we moved away from the traditional model of an auction as a fundraiser, and instead asked for $150 per student at registration to go towards the Academic Enrichment Fund.  Last year, over $102k was donated towards this! A huge THANK YOU to all who participated!  Your generous contributions were much appreciated, and certainly make a difference. The percentage of spend was as follows: Math / Science – 28.5%, Arts – 24.2%, Athletics/PE/Facilities – 26.5%, and Other (Counseling, Library, ELL, World Language, ACS, Foods, Chrome books and Square Stands) – 20%.

    This year, we know things look different, but ask that if you can make any contribution towards the fund, it would be much appreciated. 

    Our focus this year?  Teachers/administration, and our families in the Pacer community. 

    • We continue to get teacher requests to help make their virtual school lives a bit easier and hope that money raised can allow teachers to purchase software, equipment, etc. that might allow them to engage and collaborate more with students while online or upon their return, and overall offer a more enriching experience for our kids this coming year.
    • With the pandemic, Pacer family needs are higher due to job losses or reduced incomes for some families. Part of the money raised may also be used to help students and families in our community not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year as needed.
    • If you are interested in donating, please look for the Academic Enrichment donate button when registering online. Any amount is appreciated, and we thank you for your consideration.

    If you are interested in making a flat $150 contribution, you can online, here: Academic Enrichment (please note there is a processing fee). 

    If you would like to donate any amount outside of the $150 (or avoid the processing fee), please feel free to drop off your check with the front office staff, or you can mail it to the school (please make sure to mark that it's for Academic Enrichment).

    Thank you all so much for your consideration and for supporting our students, teachers and community! Go Pacers!

    Here is a list of what has been purchased with the funds raised for 2019-2020:


    Document cameras and projectors


    Software license

    Replacement Chrome Books


    String bass stools

    Band room mics

    4 LED lights 

    Updated sound equipment (used by all performing arts)

    5 replacement potters wheels


    Ausdom over ear headphones

    Visible spectrometer

    Math class materials (hands on)

    Optical dissolved oxygen probes (2)


    Distillation equipment

    Class set TI-84 calculators

    Ipads and cart

    Sea Perch (underwater robotics)

    Photosynthesis cards

    Cellular respiration biology kit


    El mundo en tus manos (periodical)

    Chinese New Year celebration fund

    Spanish reading library and Spanish Novels

    English learner activities

    French class projects

    Japanese culture class supplies

    Athletic Facilities:

    Gym Mats (used by PE and Athletics)

    Wireless headset microphone (PE)

    Commercial Washer/Dryer


    Revibe classic wristband

    4 Square stands and 4 ipads for credit card purchases

    Library water station

    Guest speakers on anxiety awareness and being KIND

    Foods class supplies

    Books and Movie screenings for Counseling Dept.

    Folding tables







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