Graphic announcing elementary boundary review process

DRAFT - Boundary Maps are Work-in-Progress

Superintendent's Message

  • Dr. Lora de la Cruz

    September 27, 2019

    As we engage in the forward-looking, encouraging work of assessing our educational needs and anticipating the benefits of the Student Success Act, we are also aware that we need to be proactive in determining adequate space in our elementary schools.

    As a first step toward that end, we are partnering with FLO Analytics to assist the district with boundary review services for our elementary attendance areas. Our dual objective is to provide adequate space at our K-5 schools, while balancing elementary enrollment districtwide. Our intention at this time is to focus only on elementary boundaries; we do not expect this study to impact secondary school boundaries.

    FLO Analytics will be taking the lead in developing a boundary review committee and community engagement process, along with assessing enrollment patterns and forecasts. The community engagement process will result in recommendations that will guide the planning and implementation of potential reconfigured attendance areas. FLO Analytics will be working collaboratively with LOSD staff, the school board, community and facilities committees.

    We are committed to keeping our community informed throughout the process, and to ensuring that all voices are heard. We are also committed to working with FLO Analytics to determine recommendations that are thorough and transparent; that balance the overarching goals of the school board and the district; and that are consistent with our underlying values, core principles, and decision-making criteria.

    Please watch for opportunities to be involved.

Elementary Boundary Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why are we reviewing elementary school boundaries?

  • Q: How are the boundaries being reviewed?

  • Q: Who is on the boundary review committee?

  • Q: Will the committee be making the decisions on boundaries?

  • Q: Who will make the decision on the elementary school boundaries?

  • Q: How will a decision on the attendance boundaries be made?

  • Q: When will new boundaries start?

  • Q: What are the boundary review committee guiding principles?

  • Q: Why are the capacity targets at 85 percent or less at each elementary school?

  • Q: Why is the capacity target lower than 85 percent at some elementary schools?

  • Q: How can I find out what’s being discussed?

  • Q: How can I provide input into the process?

  • Q: Will current students be exempt from moving schools?

  • Q: Where do I enroll my new student?

  • Q: When will I know the new boundaries?


  • October: Parent survey for values and guidelines perspective

    November: Applications and selections for Superintendent's Boundary Review Committee

    January: Boundary Review Committee meetings begin

    February/March: Boundary Review Open House meetings

    March/April: Boundary adjustment recommendation presented to School Board


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Process Overview