Counseling Program Information

  • Mission Statement

    The school counseling program at Lakeridge Middle School promotes the academic, social/emotional and career growth of all students as lifelong learners.  As school counselors we promote appreciation for and value of the uniqueness of each student.  With collaboration and support of the school and community, our program fosters an environment that is safe, accepting, and demonstrates equity, integrity and respect.

    A few reasons to visit your Counselor

    • Help with Homework, Grades, or Tests
    • Concerns in Classes
    • Bullying or Harassment
    • Concerns about Friends or Other Students
    • Relationship Issues
    • Family Issues, Divorce
    • Grief and Adjustment
    • 504 Referrals
    • Schedule Changes

    Please fill out the Counseling Request Google form in the office to schedule an appointment.