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    LHS Testing Center


    LHS TESTING CENTER - What To Do If Your Student Needs To Make Up A Test - FAQS

    • Where is the Testing Center? In the library, near the back, by the stacks of books. 

    • How to schedule a make-up test?  The testing center is not a drop-in. Students must schedule a time by contacting Testing Coordinator Spencer Phillips at phillips@loswego.k12.or.usor filling out this form.

    • When is the Testing Center open? Regular hours are 8:30-3:30. Students can also make arrangements to take before school (Spencer typically arrives at 7:45 am). Arrangements can also be made with a teacher to take over multiple lunch periods. 

    • How does the test get to the Testing Center? The teacher will get the test to Spencer. It will then be waiting in the Testing Center for the student. 



    Helpful information about Winter Formal
    1.  Winter Formal used to be referred to as MORP (referring to a 'girl ask guy' dance), however, now anyone can ask anyone to attend.
    2.  Lakeridge students may bring a non-Lakeridge guest, but the guest must be a student in the Lake Oswego School District and will need to fill out the Guest Form paperwork in order to attend.
    3. The senior class is in charge of recruiting parent volunteers as chaperones and all who do so will need to show vaccination cards. 
    4. All students attending the dance will need to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID test taken 48 hours prior to the dance. A student showing vaccination status will do so when they purchase tickets and can show their actual vaccination card or a picture of their vaccination card.
    5. Tickets will stop being sold the Wednesday prior to the dance.
    6. The dance has been postponed to 2/26 and will be reevaluated as the date nears.

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