• News from Lakeridge Middle School


    “Each of us, individually and collectively, is responsible for creating and nurturing an anti-racist learning environment where every child is respected and valued for who they are, regardless of their skin color. We must actively acknowledge, address and prevent racial bias…[we] condemn racism, racial violence, white supremacy, hate speech, and bigotry in all forms inside and outside of our schools and community, and stand steadfast in our commitment to foster an inclusive educational environment where every student, staff member, parent, and community member is treated with dignity and respect, as well as our commitment to continue fighting for racial justice and human and civil rights for all.” (From the LOSD Anti-Racism resolution)

     We share this reminder of our anti-racist stance this week because we want everyone in our community to know our staff is here to support you and your child. In every election year, as debates, advertising, rallies, and campaigning ramp up the energy and political discourse, middle schoolers often make statements to each other that they have not carefully considered, that are parrotted from other sources they haven't fully researched, or that impact members of our community negatively. We all have an obligation to help our kids to live up to our shared values and to navigate and learn from those moments when they fall short. As adults, thinking about how we'll handle those conversations ahead of time is critical. Below, you'll find a helpful resource from Common Sense Media about guiding your child through the election season.

    Our connection to and care for each other and our shared learning should be a source of strength and support for us all. Remind your child that they can talk with you or a trusted adult at school about their questions, about comments they have heard from others, and about their concerns. Thank you for being our partners in helping make our learning community more just, equitable, and safe for everyone.

  • CCC   Cocoa and Coffee Club Tues. and Thurs. 8:30 - 9 am

    Warm-up Tuesday and Thursday mornings with a cozy cup and visit with friends and classmates. This is a great place to connect, share a smile, and help start your day!

    Contact Melissa Evers to get the zoom link eversm@loswego.k12.or.us

  • drama  Junior Thespians 

    Meetings TBD

    Hey, middle schoolers! You may have heard of Lakeridge’s wonderful drama program, but have you heard of our lovely Jr. Thespian troupe? Jr. Thespians are a non-profit organization. JUNIOR THESPIANS a chapter of the Educational Theatre Association which sponsors the International Thespian Society. It’s our mission to not only do theatre, but promote, strengthen, and advocate for theatre arts in our community. Short answer, we encourage theatre in our community and have fun doing it!

  • ZN   Anime Club


    Date: TBD

    Contact emails to join: TBD

    OR our Adult Supervisor TBD

    • Explanation = Why should you join this club? Well, if you are interested in anime, making friends, and having fun then, this is the group for you! I decided to make this group because I have recently learned that there are actually A LOT of people who like/ watch anime. I was shocked at this news but I decided to make this group so us anime lovers can all come together and hang out, possibly play games, talk about anime, and overall have a good time.

    • What we do = If you decided to join this group then we would; talk about anime, meet new people, possibly play some games/ watch anime, etc.

    • Requirements = The requirements for this group are you MUST be respectful and kind to other's opinions, likes/ dislikes, and beliefs. If somebody thinks a certain show isn’t good but you like it, don’t be rude about it. We all have our own beliefs so all I’m asking is for everyone to be respectful and kind to each other. Also, one more thing, if someone is making fun of you for watching anime or liking a certain show in anime please feel free to share that with an adult or the group and we can try to figure things out. On that note, that's all.

  • jb   Gaming Club

    Meeting Times: TBD

    Days: TBD

    Specific Criteria: Need to have access to a computer/laptop/other gaming devices, have access to group games (examples Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox) and Zoom

    What do you want your members to get out of it: To make new friends during the pandemic since we all can’t be together socializing at school

    Key Goals:

    • Help new students like me meet new people and feel more comfortable, confident and part of a group

    • To help students learn in a fun way team-building skills

    • To give students a chance to practice being kind, taking turns, and being respectful to others in a group environment

    • To teach patience and listening to each other

    • To give students a chance of building creative skills

    • Science research shows that video games help the brain with memory and growth

  • cul  Culinary Adventures Club  

    Come learn what good, healthy food is. You’ll also learn how to cook and bake better. You’ll need access to your kitchen and some ingredients, while on Zoom.
    Email Ms. Charon to request information.
  • LRB  Lakeridge Girl Up Club  

    Girl Up is a campaign by the United Nations Foundation, that gives young and adolescent girls a voice, opportunity, and structure to make a change in their communities. Girl Up inspires change and action to girls worldwide to become a force, and a voice in the gender equality movement, and to help bring social change. Our club learns, supports, and advocates for everything Girl Up stands for; such as equality in sports and education, STEM for social good, advocacy, awareness, fundraising, spreading your message, speaking up, and so much more. Our group welcomes everyone to become an ally or an advocate in our community. The Lakeridge Girl Up Club would love to see you join our part in the Gender Equality Movement.  Check out our website  LAKERIDGE GIRL UP CLUB 

  •  bct  Math Club


    Come and join your fellow students to solve interesting math problems and play some math games! Students of all grades and abilities from LMS are welcome. Our MathCounts competition team will be formed from students in the Math Club, so if you're interested in a math competition, this is the club for you. Send an email to Mrs. Goehler (goehlers@loswego.k12.or.us) for information!

  • qs    Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)

    All Lakeridge Middle School students are invited to our weekly Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) lunch group.

    Every Friday we will get together after 2nd period to eat lunch over Zoom and enjoy a safe space to play games, do activities, learn about Queer culture, create Queer culture, problem solve, ask questions, share stories, explore identity, and get to know one another. All students are welcome, regardless of how you identify- LGBTQIA+. Come if you're Queer! Come if you're curious! Come if you're an Ally!  Reach out to Ms. Haffenreffer [pronouns: she/her] with questions.

  • ww   Military History Club 

    Time: TBD

    In the military history club, we would talk about all the warfare events that have happened from the Romans and Greeks to Iraq. We will go into depth with each major battle like the Battle of the Bulge. We will spend time learning about the wars you have never heard about like the Spanish Revolution. Tactics, weapons, tanks, aircraft, strategy, positions, and comparing modern and old technology.

    If Interested email Dario for information!  Our advisor is Adam Yip, an infantry veteran of the US Army.  We welcome everyone!