Uploading/Delivering Documents

  • The following documents must be provided to the enrolling school in order to complete your student's registration: (1) proof of LOSD residency (e.g., recent utility bill with home address); (2) verification of student's birth (e.g., birth certificate, passport); and (3) Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form (even if you entered dates on the Immunization page). In addition, a copy of the current IEP is required if you answered Yes to the question, "Does the student have a current IEP?"

    If your student is age 7 or younger, a Dental Screening Certificate is also required.

    The following other documents are optional; however, the enrolling school may request them later if you do not provide them as part of the registration process: (1) your student's most recent high school transcript if applicable; and (2) your student's current Section 504 Plan if applicable.

    Scan these documents if you have a scanner, or capture the documents by taking a picture with your smartphone or tablet and emailing the image file to yourself.

    To upload a document file into the online registration portal, select the Document Type (if applicable), press the blue Upload button, and locate the document file.

    If you do not have a uploadable version of a required or applicable document, check the "I will deliver a hard copy to the school instead of uploading it" box. The school will be notified that you will provide the documentation in person.