Participation in a School Activity Guidelines for Students


    Students should make a decision at the beginning of the school year concerning the number of activities
    in which to 
    participate. A realistic decision should support their academic goals.

    ~If, during the year, an opportunity arises for an unplanned vacation or if an unexpected illness takes its
    toll in absences, 
    the student may need to forego some activities.
    ~Students who are scheduled to be absent for an activity on a day when an assignment, graded activity
    or test is due 
    should (prior to the activity) make arrangements with the teacher(s) to complete the work. If
    this procedure is not 
    followed, the absence may be considered unexcused.
    ~Students must take the initiative in arranging to make up missed assignments and explanations.
    ~Students are expected to remain in class until the time established for leaving for an activity.
    ~ Students must attend all their classes on the day of an activity or practice in which they are involved.
    They are also 
    expected to be in attendance the day following the activity.
    ~ A student with excessive absences may be refused permission to leave to participate in an activity.


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