Attendance Policies & Procedures

    Except as provided in ORS 339.030, every person having control of any child between the ages of 7 and 18 years who has
    not completed the 12th grade is required to send such child to and maintain such child in regular attendance at a public
    full-time school during the entire school year.

    Oregon State Law requires school districts to drop a student from enrollment if at any point the student is absence
    (unexcused /excused) for 10 consecutive school days during a school year. The student can be re-enrolled at parent
    request to the current school with the proper registration materials.

    1. In the following cases, children shall not be required to attend full-time public schools:

     Children being taught in a private or parochial school in the courses of study usually taught in grades 1 – 12
    in the public schools and in attendance for a period equivalent to that required of children attending public
    schools during the school year.
     Children proving to the satisfaction of the district school board that they have acquired equivalent knowledge
    to that acquired in the courses of study taught in grades 1 – 12.
     Children being taught for a period equivalent to that required of children attending public schools by a private
    teacher the courses of study usually taught in grades 1 – 12.
     Children being educated in the children’s home by a parent or legal guardian.
     Children excluded from attendance as provided by law.

    2. The State Board of Education by rule shall establish procedures whereby, on a semiannual basis, an exemption
    from compulsory attendance may be granted to the parent or legal guardian of any child 16 or 17 years of age who is
    lawfully employed full time, lawfully employed part-time and enrolled in school, a community college or an
    alternative education programs defined in ORS 336.615. An exemption also may be granted to any child who is an
    emancipated minor or who has initiated the procedure for emancipation under ORS 419B.550 to 410B.558.


    Attendance policies and procedures are based upon Oregon State Law and upon the premise that excessive
    absence is detrimental to the educational process. Our commitment to the dignity and worth of the individual
    begins with an effort to have each student in class regularly. This effort is shared by the student, who has the
    primary responsibility to attend every class period each day, the staff members, who work together to monitor
    and encourage regular attendance, and the parents, who are legally accountable to uphold the compulsory
    attendance law. When irregular attendance patterns develop, a staff member (teacher, counselor, attendance
    secretary or vice principal) initiates communication with the student and parents.


     For illness of the student or illness of a family member
     For emergencies
     For prearranged absence (if approved) i.e., medical, dental, orthodontic appointments, college visits

     Students must have a parent phone the attendance office at 503-534-2329.
     The student is responsible to make up all missed work.
     Credit is given for work made up.
     Absences must be cleared within 24 hours.
     In the case of an extended excused absence, incompletes may be given.
     Students with excessive excused absences may be required to submit a physician’s statement to the
    school for verification.


    Parents are urged to convince their children that although good attendance is important, the student that arrives at
    school ill may be endangering his/her own health and that of other students. Parents can help the school staff by
    carrying out the following program at home:

     Check on the health of students each morning before they leave for school and keep students home if they
    are seriously ill.
     Make careful plans for emergency care if parents are to be away from home.
     Be prepared to provide transportation home for students who become ill at school. The school can provide
    such transportation only in unusual emergencies.
     Many teachers now post homework on the high school website. You can also contact teachers by e-mail
    through this site. If homework is not available there or if you do not have internet access, you may request
    homework assignments through the Attendance Office if your student has missed three consecutive
    days of school. Please expect 24 hours for the assignments to be collected before you come to pick them
     Students are allowed the equal amount of time missed from school to make-up any missing work from an
    excused absence. For example, 2 days missed for an excused absence = 2 days to make-up any missing
    work from these absences.
    If a student becomes ill or injured at school, the school contacts the parent through the information
    provided on the student registration form. It is especially important, therefore, that any changes in the
    family address or emergency phone number should be reported at once to the school. Students are also
    requested to list the name, address and telephone number of a family physician.



     Parents/Guardians will be notified of any unexcused absences by our automated system (by email and
     Unexcused absences: Will be handled on an individual basis. Students will be given detention for an
    unexcused absence.
     When a student has a continued attendance problem a meeting may be held with the parents to discuss
    this issue, and the student may be placed on an attendance contract, and Saturday School may be assigned.
     If the student does not follow the contract an options conference may be held to discuss an alternative
    educational setting.
     Class work or activities missed due to unexcused absences may not be made up for credit.
     Skip Days: Lake Oswego High School DOES NOT condone “Senior Skip Days.” Student absences for an
    unauthorized “Skip Day” will be considered Unexcused with NO opportunity to make-up missed work.