School Advisory Committee (SAC)

  • Lake Oswego High School has a School Advisory Committee that provides an important communication link between the school board, the school, and the community.

    SAC members work to facilitate citizen involvement in the decision-making process of the school.  SAC also assists school principals in establishing priorities and goals, suggesting ways to address issues and assisting with the collection of information and citizen opinion.
    Members serve two-year terms and are appointed by the School Board.  School Advisory Committees typically meet once a month.

    For more information, please contact Principal, Rollin Dickinson.

2019-2020 SAC Members

    Rosa Faust 
    Steven Jurney
    Marla Murray 
    Kerstan Ruffer 
    Heather DeVille 
    Sumi Kim
    Kathy Lloyd 
    Liz Welsh
    Becky Owens, SSPAC Representative



2019-2020 SAC Meetings

  • tbd